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About ACVO

ACVO (Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations) is the Third Sector Interface (TSI) for Aberdeen. The work we do is reflected in our organisational values which are central to our decision-making processes and are incorporated into everything we do, namely:
  •        We put the Third Sector first
  •        We empower communities
  •        We act on lived experience
  •        We demand equality
  •        We stand up for those who need help most

Through our various strands of work, we actively support and promote the work of Aberdeen’s Third Sector - whether you are looking for help with funding, volunteering, governance, finance or want to know more about our policy you can find out more on our website at https://acvo.org.uk/

Some of the support and services we can offer


Identifying funding opportunities and writing grant applications can seem overwhelming, especially when the future sustainability of your group is dependent on gaining funding support.

Our supportive Funding Officer, Claire Shaw, can help your organisation with every step of the funding application process, from carrying out funding searches to proofreading your application.

Find out more at https://acvo.org.uk/funding/


If you are from an organisation who involve volunteers or you are thinking of doing so, then we have lots of resources which can help. ACVO is also the local coordinator for national programmes such as the Saltire Awards and Volunteer Friendly Awards.

We also advertise Aberdeen based volunteer opportunities for free. Submit the form at https://acvo.org.uk/volunteering/ and your role will be added to the local database at Volunteer Aberdeen as well as via Volunteer Scotland.


ACVO offers consultancy on anything relating to the governance of Third Sector Organisations.  We offer support to decision-making by making sure that you know the implications of any particular decision.
We have a great deal of experience working with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and can advise and assist on anything relating to the regulatory requirements for Scottish charities, including applications for registration, compliance with the law and independent examination of Accounts.

The training we offer aims to demystify the myths and give committees and Boards a framework in which they can operate and relate to the activities that their organisation carries out.  We want people to feel confident in these roles and the challenges they bring.

Find out more at https://acvo.org.uk/support/governance/

Highlighting the work of the sector

ACVO’s comms team work to bring Aberdeen regular updates and news from the hundreds of charities, voluntary organisations, community groups, social enterprises & more working within the City’s third sector. We produce a free monthly digital magazine, ACVO News (https://acvo.org.uk/acvo-news/) as well as featuring regular updates on our site.

We also work with local organisations to produce short films to highlight the impact of local third sector. Or film archive can be viewed at https://acvo.org.uk/films/

The team are always on the lookout to work with local organisations to highlight achievements, developments and issues facing the sector in Aberdeen. Get in touch to start the conversation – find contact details at https://acvo.org.uk/our-team/

ACVO Opportunities

If you’re looking to find the perfect volunteering opportunity, a paid role within a charity, community organisation or social enterprise, want to learn something new or stay informed by attending a local or national event, or you are seeking funding to realise the goals of a project or to ensure your organisation’s work is sustainable and impactful – we are here to help.

We advertise the opportunities mentioned above on behalf of local organisations, including highlighting community spaces available for hire via or website at https://acvo.org.uk/opportunities/ - visit us to find out more.

Get in touch

You’ll find a lot of resources and info on our website at https://acvo.org.uk to support your work in Aberdeen. If you have any questions, or want to talk to one of the team, you can get in touch via https://acvo.org.uk/contact/

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