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community sports hubs
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What are Community Sport Hubs?
Community Sports Hubs are a key part of sportscotland’s contribution to Legacy 2014. They are designed to increase the number of people participating in sport within local communities by improving access to sport and supporting local sports clubs to work together as part of a Hub.

They can be based around local facilities (e.g. sports centres, community centres, the natural environment and/or schools) or can be a network of sports clubs sharing best practice and CPD. They will bring local people together and provide a home for local sports clubs and sports organisations. Each hub must be sustainable and as a result the majority of hubs have set up steering groups to provide strategic direction and ensure the aims of the hub are met.

5 key principles
- Growth in participation 
- Understanding community needs
- Supporting community leadership
- Offering a range of sports
- Ensuring all the appropriate groups are working together

- Access to new funding streams
- Increase in club membership (some hub clubs have seen - - -- membership increase by 30-40%!
- General better access to local sports facilities
- Developing links with schools to improve participation pathways
- Additional access to training opportunities for coaches & volunteers
- Share ideas and network with other sports clubs within the local community
- Increasing the profile of the club and attract new coaches & volunteers

Current Hubs

If you are interested in joining a Community Sports Hub or would like more information, please contact:


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The purpose of ClubSport Aberdeen will not only be to provide the AAP with club input, but also to ensure that Aberdeen has safe, sustainable and supported clubs, using expertise from within the club network as well as from partners in the wider network.
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